ASPIC has a personal commitment to bring the best version of haute cuisine to any celebration or event. We personalize each catering project with quality, service and innovation to suit any idea you have in mind.

Our experience in the gastronomic world begins with a shared passion: we enjoy mixing avant-garde techniques and traditional cuisine, respecting the properties of the products that make our plates. We believe what’s important is the quality of taste.

We have 35 years of experience in the catering world organizing weddings and personal celebrations, corporate events, cultural and business meetings with a sole vision: we bring style to details, reliability and careful setting having gastronomy as our main goal in all our proposals.

We have a great team of senior professionals, which are part of the success of our events.


We are proud to tell you that Aspic has Kosher official certificate awarded by the synagogue of Barcelona Avenir street. We have specialized suppliers in this type of products. All Kosher events are supervised, from production to execution, by staff accredited by the Synagogue. Despite the product limitations, we achieved a high level of culinary results.